Crop Designs 1.2

Crop Designs 1.2: Puzzle game based on the crop circle phenomenon. Crop Designs is a maze game in which the rebel chicken Lucky Chucky is chased by aliens and farmers while in pursuit of gathering feed pellets from crop fields. Lucky must use exploding gren-eggs and the aliens` dislike of the farmers to stay alive while also trying to create designs in the crop fields. The fields vary from open ranges to congested gardens filled with fans, fences, dust devils, gates, and alien transmission dishes.

Crop and Resize 1.0: A free online image editor that crops and resizes images.
Crop and Resize 1.0

A free online image editor that crops and resizes photos and other images. You can use this tool on our website or embed it into your own website, it`s free and easy. Your visitors will spend more time on your website editing their photos and will return back more often. All files and instructions you need are included in the download.

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CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor 3.2.3: CorrectPhoto Editor-Best Shortcut to Perfect Color with OneClick Color
CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor 3.2.3

Turn your photos into great photos in seconds with CorrectPhoto. CorrectPhoto features PictoColor`s proprietary iCorrect OneClick color correction and AutoRez cropping technology for outstanding high res print and HDTV photos . Correct Color with OneClick. AutoRez Crop for high rez photos. Resize, Sharpen, and Fix Red Eye and Create Stunning Black and White and Sepia Photos with OneClick. Best Windows photo editor.

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SCRAP Photo Editor 1.3.2: Makes it easy to scale, crop, rotate, and publish your photos.
SCRAP Photo Editor 1.3.2

Crop - Crop visually (using the mouse), or numerically for precision - Crop to exactly fit 4x6" photo paper, or any specific size - Crop and scale simultaneously to fit an exact size (e.g., 4x6" at 300 DPI, which is 1200x1800 pixels) Rotate - Rotate visually, or numerically for precision - Quickly align straight lines such as horizons and building edges - Quickly straighten out crooked scanned in photos Publish - Save images in a variety of different

rotation, scaling, photo tool, cropping, photo editor

Phocasa 1.0: Add photo edit feature to your program with Phocasa
Phocasa 1.0

You need to write a picture editor by yourself if your customers want to resize, rotate or crop their pictures in your program. Phocasa is a simple program which crop, rotate, resize, flip pictures. You can package it into your program and call it by command line. After clicking "Edit Picture", phocasa will open a window and show that picture, you can crop, rotate, resize the picture now.

picture tool, picture vcl, edit picture component, photo editor

Photo Editor Software 3.32: Photo Editor Software is designed to editing & manipulating images & pictures.
Photo Editor Software 3.32

crop images. With the Picture editor You can retouch and edit your images & photos, change colores to pictures or just make simple edits and image adjustments to your pictures like make color picture to black & white, make your picture blur or shiny, picture crop, picture resize, add text to a picture and a lot more. features: - Resize or Crop your images. - Add Text to your images. - Add Borders, or Overlap your images. - Put your image in a Picture

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WatchetShot! 1.1: Screenshot the desktop - crop to size - capture messages and screens
WatchetShot! 1.1

Screenshot your desktop and crop to size - ideal for bug tracking, documentation, help and web site construction. Illustrate what`s going on on your desktop - to report a fault or explain to someone else. WatchetShot! is fast and easy to use. Save the results in economical jpeg format. Capture error messages or program screens. Allows you to open existing jpeg images for cropping too.

messages, screens, errors, crop, capture desktop, image, html, programs, help, documentation, jpeg, snapshot, screenshot

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